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London: February 4 2019: The London Film School, the UK’s longest-standing institution for nurturing filmmaking talent in the UK, has announced Academy Award™ winning director Asif Kapadia as an Honorary Associate of the Academy.

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Berlinale Talents Series | Lorenzo Nera: “I jumped at the chance to move to London and study film"

Lorenzo Nera graduated in 2016 with an ambitious film which is just now entering the festival circuit. He’s the perfect example, though, of how maintaining your network, working with fellow grads and diversifying your skills can be a path, not only to festival recognition but also to building a sustainable career post-film school. He talked to us about taking your time, using what you know, and how it feels to be one of this year’s Berlinale Talents.


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Berlinale Talents Series | Lara Zeidan: “A big part of filmmaking is questioning what’s around you and having something to say about it”

Lara Zeidan will take part in this year’s Berlinale Talents after having won the Teddy Award at last year’s Berlinale with her graduation film ‘Three Centimetres’. The one-take film, which was shot on a Ferris wheel with Beirut as its backdrop and follows three girls as they attempt to cheer up their friend after a breakup, has had an almost unstoppable festival run and was recently awarded the prestigious London Critics’ Circle Best British/Irish Short Film of the Year.

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Berlinale Talents Series: “All you have to listen to and trust is your inner voice”

If being chosen for Berlinale Talents is a bell-weather for future success then being chosen twice is surely a sign of great things to come. Jacqueline Lentzou was born in Athens, Greece (1989) and graduated with distinction from London Film School in 2013 with her film ‘Thirteen Blue’.

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Berlinale Talents Series: Zhannat Alshanova: “I miss the creative energy!”

As part of our series on this year’s selection, we spoke to Zhannat Alshanova about how she went from the corporate finance world in Kazakhstan to being selected as a director for Berlinale Talents all in the space of a few short years.

Sophie McVeigh: You graduated in Autumn 2017. Can you tell us about your background before coming to London Film School?