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John Whiston is Creative Director of Serial Dramas at ITV Studios. He recently had this to say about our Creative Skillset-supported programmes:

"The short courses currently being offered by The London Film School are hot property. Suggest them to one of the directors or producers or writers you work with and they bite your arm off to find out more.

Part of the reason is the quality of the talent LFS is attracting to lead them. They are not just the best or most experienced practitioners in the industry, they are the coolest too - people who you imagine would be far too busy putting together their next award-winning drama or fending off big offers from Hollywood to take the time to pass on some of the nitty gritty of their magic.

Some of the courses’ popularity is because they fill a really important training gap, targeting already skilled filmmakers moving on and up. And some of their attraction is because of the way they are funded. People recognise that if Creative Skillset and LFS have invested in them, they really are serious about these courses and the careers of the people who attend. And that makes them all the more valuable and appreciated.

Plus, because of this enlightened funding they are actually ridiculously cheap – which is always nice!" (December 2014)

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The above schemes were funded by Creative Skillset’s TV Skills Fund in 2015.